Simple and Transparent Pricing

Simple and Transparent Pricing

Configure and deploy a powerful, scalable platform for your tutoring business

We have a transparent pricing structure that has 4 main components

Setup Fee

The setup fee covers software spin-up, site design, integration, training, help with creating tutor profiles, importing tutors, upcoming sessions to get you going.


Monthly Subscription Fee

The monthly subscription fee is a recurring fee that is based on the number of tutors on the platform. This fee covers a portion of the fixed costs - infrastructure/data center hosting; backups; disaster recovery; upgrades; maintenance; support; development resources.


Transaction Fee

Since we process the payment we charge a transaction fee of 15% per transaction. 5% of the fee goes towards the payment processing gateway and a portion of the remaining 10% of the fee goes towards operation and support of the platform.


Custom Development and Marketing Costs

Custom development and marketing is an optional service that is provided to customers as needed. You will benefit from our knowledge of having worked with other tutoring companies so we take the time to listen to your unique requirements and make sure the system is customized to your unique needs. We can also help you scale your platform for growth by growth hacking, SEO and SEM.


So what are the exact costs?

That’s something we can determine once we know the size of your company, the number of tutors, what your unique requirements are. We like to chat on the phone a bit so we get a feel for your business model, understand your needs and pain points, and make sure our solution is a good fit for your goals.

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